Breast Milk

Healthy Benefits Of Breast Milk To The Baby

Though breastfeeding recommended by doctors, every mother is unique, and so is their baby. This makes breastfeeding a personal matter. It is never too early to decide whether you are going to breastfeed your child or not. In fact, earlier you decide the better because it is going to prepare you in all aspects. For most women, breastfeeding comes naturally. The best thing is that every nursing mother can breastfeed and sustain their baby.

These are the benefits of breast milk to the baby.

Healthy Benefits Of Breast Milk To The Baby (2)

1. Minerals and protein balance

With breast milk, you don’t need to prepare it. It is ready for consumption and rich with proteins and balanced minerals. It is usually low in cholesterol which makes it the right choice for the baby. Breast milk contains fatty acid which plays and important role in brain and nervous system development.

2. Boost the baby’s immunity

Studies indicate that breastfed babies are resistant to illness compared to those who are not breastfed. This is because breast milk contains antibodies in the colostrum which fights infections and diseases. They have a high likelihood to fight conditions such as eczema, diabetes, obesity and much more.

3. Convenience

This is one of the most crucial benefits of breast milk to the baby. When it comes to breastfeeding, you don’t have to keep visiting the kitchen to prepare milk each time your baby is hungry. This will also relieve you the stress of carrying baby feeding items whenever you are traveling.

4. Helps mother lose weight.

Breastfeeding not only benefits the baby but also helps the mother to the accumulated fats. Women accumulate fats during pregnancy, and once they deliver, they have a difficult time trying to cut their weight. Breastfeeding helps in converting the extra fats in the body to baby food thereby losing weight. It is, therefore, important to breastfeed your baby if you want to lose weight after pregnancy.

5. Helps in bondingHealthy Benefits Of Breast Milk To The Baby (1)

Breastfeeding plays an important in enhancing of mother-baby bond. The real time you spend with your baby while breastfeeding gives your baby time to know and interact with you. It is a crucial moment to your baby.

Breastfeeding is, therefore, an important thing not only for the baby but also to the matter. Don’t go against nature and start feeding your baby with the bottle. It is crucial that you consider breastfeeding as the first option for your baby even though you have a busy schedule. You will experience fewer hardships and lots of bonding time with your baby.